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vain_angel85 [userpic]

Morning in sunny malaysia

January 6th, 2012 (10:40 am)

current mood: cheerful

Greetings from my old kampung in Johor Bahru.hahaha..I've been here for 2 days. And these two days were spent lazing around at home and going shopping. As we all know CNY is around the corner.So mummy is looking for new clothings. Having spent half a day walking in the mall of Metrojaya,she didn't manage to get what she wanted.The next day was spent in Johor Premium Outlet. Yes..the place which stirred up a storm. Having been there twice, yesterday's trip was way better. In terms of lesser human traffic and cars. Although there is not more free parking, however parking is now RM3 per entry which is still cheap. We spent 5 hours there. You must be thinking mummy must have bought sumting. Actually,none..she came home empty handed. Whereas I got a slip dress from Cotton On for RM15.Now that Cotton On is having big discounts. So bro got a t-shirt for RM30 and I got a slip dress from Cotton On body which I tried on and it can actually be wore as a dress. I also got a top from SEED for RM9.It was originally RM79.90!!
On a whole sometimes the discounts ain't great especially for big brands like CK & Coach.GAP has great deals however they are really off off season stuff and the selection is pretty limited. Kiddie's clothes are alright.Like RM30-50 for GAP.

I've got to run..goin to go out soon..take care

vain_angel85 [userpic]

It has been awhile

January 4th, 2012 (05:19 pm)

current mood: cheerful

How time really flies.2011 left in a blink. I'm sorry that I've neglected this blog a lot. I have had my highs and lows in 2011.
Now I'm up and going.Looking forward to a new 2012.

I think I should change the title of my blog.I'm not really into makeup that much anymore. Most of the time I'm lazy to put on any.
Things have certainly changed a lot for me. Having found a boyfriend is a great.He has been a great support when I was down and a great inspiration to be. I guess he is pretty much the only guy who can take this much shit from me. I'm still very much into shopping, not so much of makeup nowadays. I still have tons of makeup at home and having traveled to Seoul,I pretty much had an eye opener in terms of cosmetic shopping. Every street corner is a Etude House,The Face Shop,etc. I left that place really happy. As I hauled a little.I managed to score cheap deals on Missha. Their perfect cover BB cream is a dream to use. 

Guess how much I got it for??.....KRW 18,000 around there and here in Singapore it retails at SGD40+!!

This BB cream I love it so much.Its coverage is good. Not too thick nor runny. It is perfect for mi. I also got their other shiny BB cream. I left Korea happy. 

vain_angel85 [userpic]


August 21st, 2010 (02:17 pm)

Hi babes,
I'm back from a super long hiatus.Work & school has been crazy. I've also went on a spring cleaning of my wardrobe and have some brand new or used items for sale. Please do take a look at my items and comment if your interested.

Thank You



Size 36 (Fits True)
Tried on once and walked around for an hour. Bottom of shoes is red.
Black Heel Grips stuck onto the shoes to prevent blistering
Lovely pair of heels

SELLING @ $14 (inclusive of postage)


Brand New in Bag.Never even tried on
Free Size
Color exactly like in pic

SELLING @ $15 (inclusive of postage)

3) Hermes Inspired Purple Bag from Tian Fen Lan

Brand New in Bag
Fits A4. Top zip opening. With back zip pocket.
Interior: 1 zip pocket, 2 hp pockets

Length - 42cm
Height - 28cm
Comes with a functioning lock & key in gold.

SELLING @ $25 (Meet ups Preferred/Normal Mail is additional $2)


Used Inspired Mulberry Alexa in light pink.
Bag looks exactly like in picture. Only defaults are the back of the bag has some light fading and black stains on the bag.Not visible from far but able to be clean off. NOT FOR FUSSIES
Interior in excellent condition.
Interior: 1 zip pocket, 1 hp pocket

Length - 36cm Height - 26cm
Base - 13cm Sling - 65-120cm

Selling way below price I got at. Half the price



Inspired Mulberry Leah Bag in Red
Used but looks like brand new.
Magnetic buttons. Drawstring opening.
2 frontal pockets. Inner: 2 hp pockets + 1 zipped pocket.
Detachable & adjustable backpack slings.
Able to fit A4

Length: 34cm / Base: 11cm / Height: 36cm / Straps: 16cm



Brand New. Size 36 (fits true).Sold out in Leflirtini.lj

Willing to swap with BC's weaved wedges in same/similar condition

SELLING @ $26 (inclusive of normal postage)

vain_angel85 [userpic]

Heroine Kiss Me Essence BB Cream

July 8th, 2010 (05:55 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Without Flash                                      With Flash

I've put my very first Japanese BB cream to the test.Heroine Kiss Me Essence BB cream. Above are the pics with and without flash.
I've used MM's pore cover MU primer on my nose followed by MAC's MSF in Natural. I love the effect it gives me. Nice and glowy.
I used Heroine Kiss Me's pen eyeliner on my lids as well. Too bad,I wore glasses so your unable to view it.

The claims of this BB creams are as follows:
A higly functional BB cream that can create beautiful skin by hiding the 7 major obstacles
1) Sunburn 2) Pores 3) Freckles 4) Spots 5)Darkness 6) Unwanted Shine 7)Dryness

What this BB cream i suppose to do:
1) Cover pores & prevent makeup deterioration
2) Foundation effect
3) Skincare effect
4) UV protection effect

There is an exhausting list of ingredients. The top 4 listed are Water,Cyclomethicone,Titanium Dioxide & Propylene Glycol. It also claims to contain Rosehip extract & Chamomile extract.
I read through the ingredient list,and this product does contain high levels of methicone,in other words, silicone. Most makeup esp primers contain this for greater oil control. I hope I don't break out using this product. I tried the highly raved Smashbox face primer and ended up with breakouts.

Overall,I'm happy with this BB cream. As I have dry-combination skin. It tends to be more dry,thus the Korean BB creams either appear too ashy on me or they dry out my skin. I've been hunting for a BB cream which can not only cover up my pores but provide the glow as well.

The texture of this cream is medium.Not overly sheer (until it feels like tinted moisturiser) nor thick (difficult to spread). It blended right into my skin. This required only a small amount of product (about 5 cent coin size). I spread it out by gently patting it onto my face as opposed to rubbing it in. I had red spots on my face the night before and this BB cream covered it well. The colour match was good too. I'm more rose-beige as opposed to the usual yellow,thus most foundations either turn out ashy on me. I liked how my cheeks glowed without any blush. I skipped my sunscreen as this contained Spf 30. So I figured I could safely skip the sun protection.

I'm thrilled to have discovered such a lovely BB cream.After 4 hours,my t-zone has no shine and my skin feels comfortable. Not drying on my cheeks. Though 25ml at RM49.90 is a little steep,but a little goes a long way and I like how it fits nicely into my makeup pouch.Saves me trouble especially when traveling.

That's all for now...

Take care

vain_angel85 [userpic]

Heroine Make Up

July 7th, 2010 (04:57 pm)

current mood: accomplished

From L-R: Make Essence in BB cream, Long Lash mascara & Liquid eyeliner

I'm currently a fan of their Long Lash Mascara and I've read a lot about their BB cream as well. It is my first venture into Japanese BB cream.
I went to SaSa wanting to get Kanebo Freshel's BB cream instead the SA there told me they don't carry this product. I tried the tester for their eyeliner and I was amazed by it.The line is super thin (0.1mm) and the application was smooth and supposedly to be waterproof as well.
Since they were having a promotion buy 1 eyeliner + mascara at RM79.90,of course I got to grab it..haha..

I played around with the BB cream.I love the texture.Its said to be able to cover pores effectively.I tried a small amount on my hand and I compared it,it gave a nice glow.I compared it side by side with my hand where I used Dr G's BB cream,I liked this more.
Hopefully it works for me. For RM49.90 for 25ml,its a little costly considering its such a small tube,but really convenient to bring about.

Take care!

vain_angel85 [userpic]

Kanebo Fresehl C BB cream

July 6th, 2010 (12:37 pm)

I'm so lemming this BB cream now.Unfortunately only Sasa carries this at the moment. I might get it. I've stopped using BB creams for quite some time. Haha..have been using Majolica Majorca's new base and 2-way cake instead.hehe..they are really good..shall review them when I have the time.

Here's  a pic of the bb cream..

Take care

vain_angel85 [userpic]

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

July 3rd, 2010 (03:42 pm)

current mood: happy

Hi ladies,

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. I've gotten pretty interested in this Korean brand called Laneige.Its created by Amore Pacific,a skincare giant from korea. They carry brands like L'aneige & IOPE. Their spokeswoman is Song Hye Gyo (I love her skin)
It was my brother's girlfriend who got me interested in this product. She was preparing for her wedding photoshoot when I saw a jar of Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack sitting on her table. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now and I'm eager to review it.

Here's a pic of the Water Sleeping Pack EX its 80ml (can last very long)

Left: Me without flash or makeup
Right: With flash (Pls pardon the hair,I'm trying to create waves..hehe)

The above pics have not been edited nor was any makeup applied on me.

I see the significance different in my skin. The texture of the sleeping pack is neither runny nor thick. It is absorbed quickly upon massaging it in. It is used as the last step in your night time skincare regime. Upon waking up in the morning, my skin does not feel oily.No cleansing in the morning is required for this product. I have combination-dry skin. The skin around my nose tends to peel when the weather turns cold (rainy..for where I live) and my cheeks experience dryness. So far no outbreaks from this product. I was told that the previous water sleeping pack contained high levels of alcohol and thus many users experienced breakouts and redness from using it. I'm glad that they changed the formula recently and this really helped my skin a lot. I have been using this together with their Strawberry Peeling Gel and the effect is LOVE.

For those interested to try, Laneige is available in most parts of Asia,Canada,US & Europe (wow..they expand fast).
For more details on their products,you can visit www.laneige.com

For those in Singapore,can drop by their counters for a sample of their water sleeping pack.

I'm really in love with Korean skincare now..haha..if only IOPE will come into Singapore soon..

Take care!


vain_angel85 [userpic]


June 16th, 2010 (02:40 pm)

Sorry for the lack of updates..Been really busy lately and I've lost my camera charger so my camera currently is dead..**sighs**..
will come back to update with reviews soon

vain_angel85 [userpic]

New surprises to Watsons Malaysia

April 10th, 2010 (04:21 pm)

current mood: sick

While waiting for my assignment to finish uploading, I decided to post on what I discovered in Watsons Malaysia yesterday.

An entire shelf of Japanese beauty products from brands like Celdie and Pola. I was eyeing the black head remover wash called POLA PDC. I might try that next month when I've finished my current Etude House Bubble Peeling. They offer sheet masks,hand creams,foot mask,etc.
Such a wide array of items from Japan.It makes me want to visit them more..hehe..

Falling sick again.nasty cold coming, with the sneezing,lethargy,etc..I had to make myself a vitamin c drink, in a new flavour - Grape.
Tastes really nice.Like Ribena,better then the orange one in my opinion.

tata..I'm off !!..take care

vain_angel85 [userpic]

ELF eye primer

April 10th, 2010 (02:04 pm)

current mood: happy

I recently received some products I ordered online from The Makeup Mix Shop . As we all know ELF Asia has banned us from ordering from the ELF website..*sad* so I had to find other alternatives instead. Was on the local forum cozycot and found this website. The shipping was not exactly the fastest but it was good enough.Took abt 2.5 weeks to get to me.Items were well packed. I ordered stuff from Jesse Girl,LA Colours and ELF.

I ordered the ELF studio Mineral Primer, Studio High Definition Powder & The ELF eye primer. I'm yet to try out the other two items,but I tried the eye primer first.

As I have oily lids and eyeliners smudge and slide off on me say in 3 hours, thus an eye primer is very important to me. I own the cult Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden but that does not seem to help my eyeliner at all.

After trying ELF,I'm sold. The formula is creamy and it dries to a transparent texture.I love it.Usually my MAC Fluidline will smudge badly on me even with UDPP.However with this, it stays on for 8 hours and beyond.I'm sold.For USD1 a piece,it is definitely affordable.I stocked up on another 2 extras. Will definitely get somemore when it runs out.hehe...

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